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Message Subject Rihanna a pedo??? Self-claimed "Illuminati princess" tried to seduce 4 yo boy in Barbados and failed.
Poster Handle YouAreDreaming
Post Content
That's a bit of a leap, women generally love young children because of their nurturing motherly instincts.

If it was Micheal Jackson however I'd be a bit more concerned. Rhianna probably just liked the kid and thought she would make his day with zero sexual intentions.
 Quoting: YouAreDreaming

I was going to ask if you are 8, but considering that this kid is just 4, waay smarter than you and clever enough to spot a Monarch pedo sexual predator, I'm gonna pass the question.
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

Has she been accused of this in the past? Hard to believe that some just suddenly becomes this without prior offenses.

I don't recall any accusations over the years that she's been a performer that she is abducting kids for sexual means.

And a female child predator is more rare than a male. Men are more fucked up in this department than women.

I'll stick with innocent until proven guilty on this one.
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