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Are Anglo-Saxons or "White" People in America are a Minority?

History is Painful
User ID: 49879362
United Kingdom
11/17/2013 01:10 AM
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Are Anglo-Saxons or "White" People in America are a Minority?
The answer is yes. This is from 1981...

Well looky, looky here! A "Black" man going against the motherfucking grain!

BTW: Italian-Americans are NOT "white". They "choose to be white," to avoid being lumped in as "Wops", "N-words", (bad word for Jews), (bad word for Latinos) and other "underclasses" in the good ol' USA.

With that said, I love America and Americans. I hail from Scotland, which is also a comical land of bullshit bursting with cunts and blockheaded lowly types. But generally speaking, we are a carousing, fun-loving rabble - just like you "Yanks".

PS: Have a nice day, sweet cheeks! Here's Phil Sousa by Chet Atkins...