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Message Subject How Do You Make Coffee? Percolator, Auto Drip, or French Press?
Poster Handle Kirk
Post Content
I lovePuerto Rican coffe, more rich and complex , stove top. ,coffe sock. A treat,...with milk and sugar and a big piece of Puerto Rican bread with salty sweet butter and dunk......delicious!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35890812

Yummy! I had lots of Puerto rican friends in Florida...They made good coffee!
 Quoting: Guitarjohn

I've heard Kona coffee is the best, but most of the Kona on the market really isnt' Kona.
 Quoting: Lisa*Lisa

There are many good Arabicas. I avoid Robusta because I don't like bitter coffee. Like any vegetable matter it is sensitive to storage and other things. It is graded and the cheaper less flavorful beans are French or Italian roasted. To me all burnt beans taste alike. It is important the brewing water not be so hot it releases bitter oils. That happens just shy of 200F so boiling (percolator) is too hot. You can readily identify it by the oil sheen on the top of the coffee. I find it upsets my stomach if I drink too much percolator coffee.
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