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Message Subject How Do You Make Coffee? Percolator, Auto Drip, or French Press?
Poster Handle PatrikC325
Post Content
French press and Percs are so bad for you!!

There is a compound in coffee called cafestol (a type of terpene), and cafestol stimulates the production of LDL (the bad cholesterol) in your body. Fortunately, cafestol exists only in the oily part of the coffee bean, and is thus filtered out… when you use a paper filter. The cafestol (and the oil) get left in the paper and you get left with a clean & steaming hot mug of joe (when you use a paper filter). Now – when you prepare coffee without a paper filter, such as

Making coffee with a French press (there is a filter but it is a metal mesh and does not collect the cafestol / oily part),
By boiling the ground beans (Scandinavian tradition or Turkish coffee), or
By making espresso (less cafestol than French press, but more than regular filtered coffee)

[link to www.thesaladgirl.com]
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