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Subject Major Clue that the Starfish are DYING from SPACE DUST
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This thread talks about the massive increases in allergies lately, especially the MOST unusual symptom of people AND pets having RED, SORE EYES:

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

The most important post in that thread was from a GLPer who said that a friend in a pharmacy said that sales of Over the counter allergy medicines is up a whopping SIX TIMES from this time last year!

Now we come to the starfish who dissolve within hours. Starfish are made up different from you and me - that's why they can grow a leg back if you cut one off.

The article below gives GLPers clues that the decimation of starfish is really caused by space dust:

1) It's along the whole western seaboard.

2) These are not your ordinary underwater starfish. These are exposed to the atmosphere when the tide goes out.

3) They can't find a cause, even though many people are desperately looking for one. Yet in previous cases, they were able to find that the cause was bacteria.

And Most importantly of all, the first vid states that:

4) Starfish IN AQUARIUMS are dissolving as well. That means, this is NOT caused by Fukushima.


[link to enenews.com]

Who knows how poisonous this space dust is. And let's not forget the dogs who died almost instantly after eating some of the hundreds of dead sea turtles who are washing up in South America.

Stay indoors if you can people. Wash your eyes out. Turn on any air filter you have.

If you get red eyes, running nose or headache from being outside, have a shower, get hair wet and wash your clothes. We got symptoms last week from a walk and this fixed it within an hour or so.

May God help us when Ison goes past with it's 5 million long mile tail of space dust.

[link to www.spaceweather.com]

Remember the Kolbrin and the references to people being smothered in red dust, and its breath poisoned the nostrils of men:

[link to thekolbrin.com]

Time to get an air filter, and even respirators from Lowe's or ebay. It may sound funny. However, painters and other outdoor workers (with a brain) do it all the time. Half-mask respirators at Lowes are only about $15. Cheap insurance.
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