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Message Subject Black Triangle on the Sun+Ancient Alien Artifact & Davinci Code "Cracked" NEW Clue! WOW!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

IF THE DOWNWARD POINTING "V" is, as Nissam Haramein
suggests in the videos above, the EVIDENCE on the
surface of the sun of the exit or entrance of a
UFO/celestial traveler--the "V" that is embedded in
the painting "The Last Supper" becomes a GIANT CLUE
into what the Grand Master Masons knew in the 1500s
about UFO contact with earth. (And, of course, forbidden
info to be discussed as decreed by the Vatican!)
The "V" in "The Last Supper" painting by Leonardo
Davinci is directly pointing at the figure of Jesus
in his painting and may be a "clue" that he believed
that the person was, in fact, either a contactee of
ancient aliens, or was--himself--an ET! WOW!

I have always believed that the sun is a stargate in and out of our solar system.

We have seen so many ships appearing to go into the sun and out of the sun.

My inner knowing always told me the sun is a stargate.

This is really great work, OP! I am going to study it further.

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