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Message Subject Black Triangle on the Sun+Ancient Alien Artifact & Davinci Code "Cracked" NEW Clue! WOW!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
I've been following the incredible research into the beauty
and mysteries of The Orion Nebula (Trapezium region) since
July of 2012. GLP's Abhie ran the first of several threads
dealing with Wilten's material--the one most revealing about
the Vatican Art being Leonardo Davinci's "The Last Supper"
But....how does Wilten do this and how does he find
"candidates" (like "The Last Supper" painting by
Leonardo Davinci?)

(Please advance to the 5:30 minute point in the video
where Wilten explains his technique and posts the
actual shape he has identified as "sacred pattern B".)

[link to www.youtube.com]

Here is Wilten's video which explains in his own
words what he looks for.
At the 5:33 min point he
says: "This is what I look for when searching Christian
art for the "pattern" (Pattern B is the pattern which
shows up in Leonardo Davinci's painting.)

Below are the sample composite pictures which Abhie
was able to compose showing the "Pattern B" (downward
pointing "V") in "The Last Supper" and what Abhie
and Silentlyknowing believe Davinci was actually trying
to convey to his viewers (not necessarily the
relationship between the characters in the painting
of Jesus and Mary--but something even more astonishing!)
Notice how this just doesn't "look like" the same
shape--Wilten and Abhie compare it down to the pixel
using mathematics and grid lines to show it is an

[link to www.pixhost.org]

[link to www.pixhost.org]

Abhie's pic of Nile Delta and RIVER between Jesus and Mary in "The Last Supper" (GLP's Silentlyknowing and Abhie both worked on the discovery of the "Devine Pattern"--downward-pointing "V"--discovered by Danny Wilten. Wilten explains in length from the 5:33 min. point in his video above his special technique in identifying this Pattern in Christian Art he believes is the collective unconscious sacred geometry for The Orion Nebula and God's hand within its creation.

From a Webpage reference (who ALSO found this info
[link to transcendentmind.blogspot.in]
After viewing the work of Danny Wilton "The Celestial Nile," these two forum users (GLP's Abhie and Silentlyknowing) had the idea to take the Orion Nebula/ Celestial Nile photo from google earth and superimpose it on the Last Supper painting by Leonardo daVinci.

As Abhi says, "Yes. I first tried to super-impose it the right way up. But it was not a match. So I flipped it horizontally , and bingo! The rest then just fell into place."

She explains, "Da Vinci wrote in reverse. So the clue to flip things horizontally was already there in all of Da Vinci's work."

Danny Wilton's work features the description of the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife:

"Following the ordeal in the Hall of Truths the deceased was welcomed by Osiris into the Egyptian Afterlife. The Pharaoh would join the realms of the gods and all others would enter Everlasting Paradise. In this beautiful world the life of the deceased was mirrored but there were no problems there was only happiness. The afterlife was seen as a perfect existence in an ideal version of Egypt. There were fields, crops and the celestial Nile."

This description explains how the Egyptians viewed the fields and crops and the Nile river on earth as a mirror image of the world of the afterlife as now revealed by modern telescopic computer generated images of the Orion Nebula.

This mind boggling discovery begs the question, how in the world did Leonardo daVinci have a perfect arial terrain image of the Nile before the invention of the airplane? Sure, maybe they had accurate topographical maps, but then how did the ancients know that their land "mirrored" their celestial "home" before the invention of telescopes to reveal these breathtaking images of the nebula?

Why does the Orion Nebula perfectly superimpose on the Nile terrain? The colors on the NASA nebula photos are computer generated to represent various gases. As you can see in the photos, even the blue clothing on the left mirrors the blue on the topographic google earth image. The mountains in the windows also reflect the shape of the top of the Nile image, as do some of the other elements in the painting.

And most astonishing is the exact shape of the trapezium area of the Orion Nebula and the meandering Nile between Jesus and Mary Magdalene's hands. As abhie points out in the thread discussion, "how in hell did Michelangelo and the others know or be aware of those minute details? ... how in hell did da Vinci get the precise terrain map so he could encode it into his painting? Mystery!"

To me, as my discussion with abhie online continued, it reveals a startling discovery for those who have eyes to see, that the Divine in the heavens is mirrored on earth as well as reflected in the Master's painting. It's as if Leonardo da Vinci's flipping it horizontally is purposeful to give the viewer the impression of the Divine peering in through the window. Pure inspiration... Masterful.

It's evidence to me that daVinci was divinely inspired. Does our superconsiousness reveal these divine mysteries and bleed through into inspired works of art, literature and film as revealed in synchromysticism? [link to transcendentmind.blogspot.com] Or is it somehow purposeful?
End of Quote

Danny Wilten continues to research this amazing phenomenon and posts often on his UTUBE Channel 5T4RSCREAM233. He also has an ebook available on this webpage: [link to www.ArtintheVatican.com]
Danny Wilten's own UTUBE Channel:
[link to www.youtube.com]

Hope this clears up any confusion about the "V" pattern used in finding significant candidates for Danny's research.

You can see all this info--including even more pictures of the Davinci Code cracked (and how it was found by GLP's Abhie & Silentlyknowing) at this thread:
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
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