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Message Subject Black Triangle on the Sun+Ancient Alien Artifact & Davinci Code "Cracked" NEW Clue! WOW!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content

Here is a video of the Nazca Lines of Peru--the
huge shapes only visible from the air which are
1,000s of years old!

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]


Now...look again at this picture of the Nile
Delta and Nile River from space...all lit up
with their electric lights. Reminds one of a
beautiful flower from space....and also a
downward pointing triangle--which could very
well be the ET's symbol for their recognized

This variety of LOTUS is said to have hellucinogenic
properties--and may have been used by the high
priests of Egypt much as the native American
medicine men would seek enlightenment through
Peyote buttons!

Lotuspainting RabbitTHRDlotus

If the ancient ETs created the NAZCA LINES...they
would certainly be capable of carving the shape
of the Nile Delta/Nile river as a lotus flower
with long stem! This would serve a double purpose,
to honor this exquisite flower which still grows
only in the Nile Delta region...and as a reference
for in-bound ETs! Sounds like a sci-fi movie
(would love to watch THAT ONE!!)...but it is totally
within the realm of possibilities!

Just sayin...

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