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Someone lied in the Obama Administration? Really? Another one to add to the list:

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/19/2013 06:39 AM
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Someone lied in the Obama Administration? Really? Another one to add to the list:
Someone lied in the Obama Administration? Really? Another one to add to the list:

1) Former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller lied to a Senate committee, saying that none of this [IRS targeting of conservatives] was happening, when it was; and then lied again when he said the scandal resulted from “poor management and oversight.”

2) Douglas Shulman, the former IRS commissioner, lied when he said, “There's absolutely no targeting,” testifying in 2012 to the House Ways and Means Committee, and responding to the question of whether the IRS was not targeting specific groups applying for tax-exempt status. “But he was aware of what was going on during this time frame because we know that [a] senior technical advisor had already been sent out to Cincinnati to investigate what was going on and to report back.”

3) Lois Lerner lied when she claimed “our line people in Cincinnati” were responsible; and that she had spontaneously admitted the IRS targeting in a Q-and-A at a Washington meeting. She actually planted the question with a friend.

4) Holly Paz, top deputy at the tax-exempt division at the IRS, registered Democrat & Obama donor, lied when she told investigators that she thought "Tea Party" could refer to a liberal or conservative organization, just like "'Coke' is used as a generic term for soda."

5) Someone at the State Department edited the CIA talking-points memo through 12 drafts to lie about the source of the violence in Benghazi—and without any evidence whatsoever, said it was a spontaneous demonstration over the You Tube video made by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

6) Susan Rice gullibly repeated a lie on 5 TV channels about the You Tube video.

7) Obama & Hillary lied to the relatives of the dead about the video producer, Mr. Nakoula.

8) Obama lied to the United Nations (about the video);

9) Obama lied on David Letterman, on Univision, and on the View regarding the video;

10) Jay Carney gullibly repeated a lie about the CIA talking points memo not having White House & State Department input.

11) Dennis Burke, U.S. Attorney for Arizona appointed by Obama (& former chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano), lied when he denied that he leaked sensitive documents to the press that undermined the credibility of ATF whistle-blower John Dodson.

12) Attorney General Holder lied to a Congressional Committee when he denied that he was “involved in, heard of” the “prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material” under the Espionage Act of 1917. Rep. Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia, had asked whether the DOJ could prosecute reporters under that Act. But NBC News reported that Holder personally approved a search warrant that labeled Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen a co-conspirator in a national security leaks case.

13) February 2012 - Director of the Diplomatic Service Scott Bultrowicz & Executive Director Tracey H. Mahaffey both lied in testimony: Bultrowicz: "claimed not to know about any claims by a federal agency that DS officials [had] failed to follow proper procedures." Mahaffey claimed "not to know about any pending investigations into DS." Notes obtained by Fox News show the officials "were aware ... of a pending investigation into DS and its operations by the State Department's Office of Inspector General (OIG) ... at the time they were deposed." Both appear to have known "of the OIG's preliminary finding that DS did indeed fail to follow proper procedures in at least eight cases, and possibly more."

14) DNI James Clapper lied when he denied that there was any surveillance going on of American citizens. In an interview he admitted that he lied.

15) Jen Psaki, spokes ‘person’ at the State Department, lied when she categorically denied that Secretary of State John Kerry was on his 78 foot Yacht Isabel off Nantucket as a coup de tat was taking place in one of the most strategically important countries in the world, Egypt. She said: "Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate."Then pictures appeared all over the internet showing that he was indeed on his Yacht Isabel.

16) Jen Psaki cleverly sought to deceive reporters & the public (with a smile!) as to whether there was "any" warning of an attack on the consulate in Benghazi, by instantly parroting the talking point that there was no warning of an "imminent" attack: “There were no prior specific warnings that an attack was imminent”—an answer utterly non-responsive to the question asked.

There's so much lying going on, it’s a daily chore to keep track of them.