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Consciousness Reality and Quantifiable Normality

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 50313058
United Kingdom
11/20/2013 05:57 PM
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Consciousness Reality and Quantifiable Normality
What is reality and normality? Is this quantifiable?

Consciousness maybe a fluid in itself, since our state of awareness through our physical form, varies with time and experiences we have.

What is reality and normal? Is it a sense of awareness which is linked to consciousness? The word which is often used for experiences which are not apart of our so called material world, is the word paranormal. Yet modern science is now going beyond the materialist world which science for so long has been associated with. Quantum mechanics, theories of multiply dimensions, and the unsolved mystery of consciousness itself.

So what is deemed “paranormal” maybe in fact an awaking stage and a more truly defined reality which is changing as we grow and experience many events and things through our lives.

Quantifiable, this is a “scientific” term, yet science seems to be catching up with the events and experiences which were call paranormal. Yet can these events be quantified? The answer is no, experiences cannot be. It is an individual consciousness, and an accumulation of previous experience which cannot be taught using the methods used to teach scientific principles.

So what is normal? It is a matter of personal experiences, as is reality, and consciousness. There is a universal mechanism which bounds all these together and only now are people and science itself becoming aware of the extent of this mechanism.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12700340
United States
11/20/2013 06:11 PM
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Re: Consciousness Reality and Quantifiable Normality
The predominant thinking amongst physicists, specifically those involved in quantum mechanics (Heisenberg, Pauli, Bohr, Feynmann, etc.,) , believe that there is no objective reality outside of human consciousness/measurement choices, or at the very least its futile and meaningless to try to describe. There's a stubborn few who disagree, like Einstein did, who was a realist (i.e., believed there was an external reality independent of consciousness/measurement).