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Message Subject Update 04/09 -- Seismic uptick -- New Madrid, MO
Poster Handle Ozark Woman
Post Content
Johann Karl Burckhardt computed the first orbit for this comet. Using three positions obtained between March 26 and April 19, he determined a rather uncertain orbit which indicated the comet would pass closest to the sun on 1811 September 22 at a distance of 1.77 AU. Burckhardt computed a new orbit during June. Although still parabolic, it indicated the comet would pass perihelion on September 15 at a distance of 1.13 AU. From this orbit, H. W. M. Olbers (Bremen, Germany) noted the comet would become a very bright object during October 1811.
[link to cometography.com]

Perihelion 0.01244 AU (q)[2]
[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

I noticed the wiki has changed for ISON.
It now states:
Near perihelion, a generic heliocentric two-body solution to the orbit suggests that the orbital period is around 400,000 years.[12]
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