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How did you become an alien contactee tard?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 50237248
11/27/2013 08:43 AM
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How did you become an alien contactee tard?
Hey SolarGuardian and other contacteetards!

What makes you people tick? What made you turn into the tard you are today? Did the ordinary life turn out to be boring and empty? Did you feel that your life lacked a meaning and that there was nothing to look forward in the future? Was the adolescent realization that you're just an ordinary man with average abilities and no control over anything important too much to bear? Did you realize that there is no hope for the human race and you just couldn't deal with it?

Did you develop - as a coping mechanism - a fantastic delusion about having been hand-picked by an advanced alien race to deliver messages to the masses? Does it make you feel self-important when you believe that you're essentially an intergalactic errand-boy, delivering vague warnings and predictions from some "intergalactic, interstellar and interdimensional governance body" like Andromeda Council? Does it make you feel safe to have faith in extraterrestials watching over the development of human race?

Please. Try to have a moment of clarity. Make a reality check and try to be honest even if it hurts inside. Deep inside you do know that it's just a fantasy - the Andromeda Council is nothing but a figment of your own imagination and the messages you're delivering only reflect your wishes, hopes and dreams. Those messages from Tolec and other entities are nothing but made up stuff that helps you to ease the existential pain you're feeling.

The cold hard fact is that we're alone in the universe that doesn't care one way or another whether the human race survives or not. If we were snuffed out today, the universe wouldn't even blink nor would there be aliens observing our demise or trying to intervene. There is no god. There are no alien councils. There are no other daddy figures to which we can turn for help or advice. We are alone - both as individuals and a race - and we are solely responsible for what we have done in the past, what we're doing today and how it will affect our future.

Man up, be honest, abandon your "bad faith" (as Sartre would put it), and embrace the horrific freedom and responsibility we have been endowed with: we are totally free and alone. As a human, one cannot claim that our actions are determined by external forces like aliens, TPTB or god. We are 'doomed' to this eternal freedom where the only thing we cannot choose is not to choose. Even when we refer to an external authority, we're making that choice and therefore we are responsible for whatever follows from it. Mankind cannot escape responsibility by adopting an external moral system or external authority like aliens, as the adoption such is in itself a choice that we endorse, implicitly or explicitly, and for which we must take full responsibility. One cannot escape responsibility, as each attempt to part one's self from freedom of choice is in itself a demonstration of choice.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 50502232
11/27/2013 08:52 AM
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Re: How did you become an alien contactee tard?

Well said.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 50657688
United States
11/27/2013 08:53 AM
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Re: How did you become an alien contactee tard?
This guy writes a whole book on the subject, maybe you should order it and give it a read.

[link to www.amazon.com]
Seeker of Truth

User ID: 11578413
United States
11/27/2013 08:58 AM

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Re: How did you become an alien contactee tard?
I'm impressed with your English grammar. hf
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you new clarity.-God

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