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Message Subject Hangin' Out
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Walked to the local pharmacy today...It is a cool day but not to cold...While waiting for my Rx I walked around looking at the handcrafted jewelry by a few local artists...I over heard several women commenting about their 'Black Friday' shopping experiences...

They went on and on about how crowded stores were...How people were in such a hurry to grab the latest item on sale...And about how they have not had any sleep since Wednesday night...But they were there at the stores grabbing items like crazy...

What has happened to us?...Why has this 'Black Friday' shopping day consumed so many?...Have we really become what other countries see?...Have we let TPTB take over every aspect of life?

I have never went to a 'Black Friday' sale...Never wanted to...I guess I may live more of a simplistic life than I thought...I have everything I need or could want...I was blessed with a good husband that took care of things before his death...

Maybe I just do not understand the need for the Latest and Greatest...Or the thrill of the game that seems to be played out on this day...Glad my family does not either...
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