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Message Subject Hangin' Out
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
while i was away yesterday morning i had another angel that came to me and toke me away from the pit i was in in the dream realms.

nightmare after nightmares... finally, an angel came and toke me upward..the energy felt soft and as the angel flew upwards quickly, i could hear the melody they make when they fly.

After this i saw a few energy vibes like black and white cherubims i could touch them and feel their energy! This nightmare ending was so comforting!

Then i ended up in a weird place, somehow familliar.

Has anyone seen a video game compagny in the astral realms named HC?

It seemed as such, but i don't get the idea...i was told i belonged there, but i didn't felt like 100% right..

Yes it was more fun then the overall nightmares, but it felt wrapped in something else...just felt weird.

anyway... on that realm you can watch any movies or play any video games from almost every dimensions!

If you watched a movie from in a dream and that movie doesn't exist here, you can watch it in this realm as well as our current movies that we have here!
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