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Message Subject Hangin' Out
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
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Did a prayer yesterday night and before hand...

i holded the Book "bible of angels" Channeled messages from the angelic realms and the angels of light.

i asked from my heart to the book to present me the right angel to pray to help Settle..

i opened the book swiftly and saw the name Sealiah.

on the phrase i looked at it said. Sealiah is like a angelic nurse, she will stay by your side and heal you of your sickness,when it is severe sickness.

After reading on a while it mentioned to also pray Archangel Micheal as well as Raphael, in order to accentuate the efficiency of the prayers!

i alligined as much as love as i could to my angel and directed the prayer to Sealiah so she could transmute it to the Heart of settle.

I encourage anyone who have faith in the angels of light to pray sealiah.. She is from the heart of virtues, the one who makes miracles!

here is a prayer from the book for asking miracles!

Oh Heart of Virtues
Miraculous light of God
Listen to this prayer.
(make your prayer)
Oh you humble Servant of God.
You who are so close to him.
You who have been created with the purpose of accomplishing miracles!
Can you transmit this prayer to him?
I demand it from the deepest part of my heart and Soul!

according to the book, the prayer must be done 9 days in a row to see a miracle happen.
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