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Message Subject The Earth Booms & strange sounds are coming + New Madrid earthquake uptick! Based on previous accurate booms forecast!
Poster Handle Bending Light
Post Content
Okay, first, this definitely needs to be pinned! Great work!!!

Second, although I am definitely a "believer", are you (Bending Light) ready to go out on a limb and explain the opening part of your thread, (quote): "What if I told you that booms have been indeed coming from the Earth, have a connection to earthquakes at times and severely increase when Earth reaches a specific orbital position when an outer influence is increasingly causing trauma within the Earth.. thus the Booms." To wit: TO WHAT OUTSIDE INFLUENCE ARE YOU REFERRING?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 49539391

Thank you

Well the booms which I've covered for sometime now.. the reality of what's going on is obvious and undeniable on that front.
It's NOT getting the attention it deserves.
There's tons of speculation and BS out there on a number of fronts, this is solid undeniable proof on a major topic.
So my focus is to get this information out there and not divert attention away or dilute this.
There might come a time to expand upon things and open up doors but right now this needs the attention.
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