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Message Subject Freaky Walking Dead Commercial
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Still no confirmation on what this commercial is for? This is strange...especially because of the fact that you can't tell what it says when you watch it unless you pause it and play in slo-mo. Thank you DVR
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2427154

It's definitely "The Strain". "He is here" is a catch phrase in the novels. Here's a snippet from a book reviewer:

It begins with an airplane landing in JFK International Airport. No one departs the plane. No one calls for help. The plane is dead on the tarmac and teams are sent in to investigate when everyone is found dead on the Boeing 777. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) along with his investigative team is sent in to try to figure out what "virus" killed everyone on the plane, but what they don't realize is that once the plane is opened it becomes a Pandora’s Box that will forever change humanity.

Then the storyline switches to a little boy named Abraham Setrakian in Poland who is not eating the soup. His grandmother encourages him to eat by telling him the story of a young man who was the son of a Polish nobleman. The son of the nobleman, Jusef Sardu, was known for his kindness.Unfortunately, he suffered from the condition of gigantism and his bones were very weak. Jusef's father and his whole hunting party disappeared while hunting wolves and even though he was weak from his disease, the son tried to find his father. On his search he encountered a cave around which were scattered the bodies of his dead father, counsins, and uncles. Josef buried each member of his family and then entered the cave to fight his father's killer. Villagers of that small town insist that the nobleman’s son survived and returned to the house eleven weeks after the incident in a curtained carriage. He is never seen lurking in the shadows, but children begin to disappear.

The reader quickly becomes aware that the little boy, Abraham Setrakian, is now an elderly man living alone in New York city and that his grandmother's "stories" actually occurred. The monster in the little village in Poland has a relationship to the Boeing 777 sitting at JFK International Airport. When Abraham sees the news report of the plane on television, he realizes that the horrors from his past have come back to haunt him.

"Any relief he had felt initially -- at not having been outlived by this horror; at getting one last-minute chance at vengeance--was replaced immediately by sharp, painlike fear. The words left his mouth on a gust of steam.

He is here . . . He is here . . ."
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