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Message Subject New Kardashian Christmas card with blatant illuminati imagery-
Poster Handle Denver Lotus
Post Content
I didn't see anything about Christmas except theres a black woman holding a baby on the left toward the back. Its really creepy. Bruce looks like he has dreadlocks and wanting out
 Quoting: MONSTER

Bruce, trapped in the glass cage, reminded me of these.

The bird in the cube
[link to www.google.com]

The man in the cube.
[link to www.google.com]

Invisible prison?
 Quoting: love/light

This is correct. The image is another message to one of the "nobodies" represented in both of those paintings.

There was also a message sent in the recent Madonna projectsecretrevolution video.

These particular Hollywood/Music industry types use these messages for intimidation (death/torture threats), attempts to alter the future (rituals) with the DARK occult energies (powerful sexual ones geared towards men), and as temporal markers for members of their elitist cult.

However, they have weakened significantly over the last year as more and more people are becoming disgusted with it and are sensing the dark energies.

Much love.
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