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Message Subject New Kardashian Christmas card with blatant illuminati imagery-
Poster Handle ThreeDog
Post Content
This is just a case of a puppeteer showcasing his wares. If this was the idea of the family in the image then they are mocking themselves, but I think it is someone mocking the public at large.

'Fame' and 'Money' can be seen written in multiple different locations, this is what they received for selling themselves. You are meant to think that all people in this image are mannequins, hence the poses taken by the 'real' people who are amongst the fake.

Then there is the usual all seeing pyramid image to show who controls these mannequins or puppets. Also there are the neon signs, the one top left saying 'The End', and the other (top right) saying 'Coming Soon'.

If you take a look at the magazines on the floor you will notice that almost all of them have 'us' or 'you' as the main header, in many cases placed so you see them next to each other.

This is where I think the subtle (or not so) insult to the masses is, it is basically saying we are no different than them, easily bought and controlled. This is the main message I took from it, it is a mockery. As for the 'The End' 'Coming Soon'...maybe the end of the world, the end of that materialistic way of thinking or any number of things.

Mind Games.
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