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Message Subject New Kardashian Christmas card with blatant illuminati imagery-
Poster Handle HilosPP
Post Content
Kim Kardashian is a representation of the Babylonian goddess Semiramis. Her entire family is a cult that worships this goddess. Look what I found out about her symbolism:

"Semiramis restored ancient Babylon and protected it with a high brick wall that completely surrounded the city. Various places in Assyria and throughout Mesopotamia as a whole, Media, Persia, the Levant, Asia Minor, Arabia and the Caucasus bore the name of Semiramis, but slightly changed, even in the Middle Ages, and an old name of the city of Van was Shamiramagerd (in Armenian it means created by Semiramis Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus credits her as the first person to castrate a male youth into eunuch-hood: "Semiramis, that ancient queen who was the first person to castrate male youths of tender age"

This is why the Kardashians are the cult of the female. No males allowed in their priestess, witch coven. And the little boy Mason is already depicted as lifeless and powerless while the patriarch is trapped under glass. His sister though, is making a power occult gesture. It is so obvious.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8780601

That's an interesting theory.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48632346

The most powerful of witch's coven usually tend to be led by a warlock.
 Quoting: HilosPP

Balanced power is the most powerful, as everyone has a slightly different skill set and also a free will. But, this is only true & effective for practitioners of "light magic" not the kind that operates in the "dark".

The dark kind is far too controlling and cut-throat to ever achieve any consensus other than through intimidation/torture, appealing to the basest instincts, etc. When the "witches" begin to figure this out, revolt is inevitable and they will tear their controllers apart in a bacchanalian frenzy.
 Quoting: Denver Lotus 32596121

So could practitioners of White Magic summon Baphomet for protection from dark? Or does Baphomet have his own coven having found a male body to host?
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