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Message Subject The True Sons Of The Fallen - Weird Website (Illuminati??)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Tacitus: Germania

[ 34 ] and Chamavi are in the rear of the Dulgibinians and Chasuarians, and other nations not so much noted: before, Frisians face them. The Greater and Lesser Frisii, to their strength. Both nations stretch along the Rhine, as far as the ocean, surround vast lakes such as Roman fleets. We have moreover even ventured out the ocean, and the fame of the pillars of Hercules to be still commonly says, whether it be that Hercules ever visited, that is, whatever is grand and glorious everywhere, his renowned name we are wont to ascribe. Drusus Germanicus did not lack daring, but the ocean barred in itself at the same time and to Hercules. Thenceforward the enterprise was more pious and reverential it seemed, to believe the feats of the Gods than to know.
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