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Message Subject Counterfeit Christianity. Christian TV Evangelists who have joined Illuminati ranks Then & Now. Look close and pay attention.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why do the heathen rage?

Might as well ask Why Do the Laodicean Christians reject The Gospel and spurn the Gift Christ Gave HIS Life To Enable for them...

Now there is a topic...

Yet, until you are Born-Again and actually understand how your carnal-heart betrayed you in every way, in every action; even those your thought were good, you have no context or reference.

The carnal-hearts don't Know.

You hear True witness, Scripture cited and explained and it triggers no response; not even a "maybe".

Paul calls those who reject God's Chastisement and Guidance "Bastards not Sons".

Like the Christian on another board who wrote that he trusted The Holy Spirit, but before acting on Witness or Revelation, had to prove whatever God Gave him "in The Word"... Just pathetic and sad. Such readily given testimony is a witness of alienation from God, not living IN HIS Accord.

19-1/2 years I lived The Born-Again Life, just as Ezekiel 36 Witnesses. Then I get HIS Anointing to witness and God Schools me in Scriptural Witness. Literally Guides me to understanding and specific verses.

I had no need to know Scripture, I KNOW The Father and when I need to ask HIM something, I just did so. Never any need to prove anything God Gave me. Living my life 100% In Full Trust With HIM.

It truly astonishes me how those who Claim HIM, really dismiss HIM entirely. Unable to accept God on HIS OWN Terms, you erect dogma, doctrine, and statements of faith; all which cut you off from HIM and fill you with crap that insulates you from really contemplating God.

Jesus Witnesses in Matt 24 about Christians turning on one another, family members betraying each other; HIS Description of the events of "those days" which are hear and now, our reality...

Not really able to understand that it is YOU that Jesus is warning HIS Disciples of? Those unable to submit all to The Father and Come Unto HIM...

Yet, these same Pseudo-Christians Claim HIM.
These same Pseudos are gonna knock and ask to be admitted, "Lord, Lord, Open unto us..."

How much it must pain HIM to reject those who are lukewarm? Almost have it, but just never could surrender all.

How much pain does HE Feel when those who called upon HIS Name to "prophesy, cast-out demons, do mighty deeds" have to be rejected because they remain carnal-hearted, and were never willing to find capitulation to God in their heart???

I Know since mid-April 20004, it has pained me to write what I have Seen and Know and encounter very few even willing to consider my witness, much less any in agreement. There have been a few, and they were memorable.

Yet, I write to witness and point the way, not to "save, or win souls"...

It is my blessing to be able to write the witness I have been Given.

Why do the carnal-hearts rage?
Because they won't accept God on HIS OWN Terms and they're angry that HIS Will is not what they've decided it ought to be.
 Quoting: Lester 51201714

what a good word. thank you
saving for further study and sharing

yes, the carnal heart cannot hear the Word.
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