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Message Subject Counterfeit Christianity. Christian TV Evangelists who have joined Illuminati ranks Then & Now. Look close and pay attention.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What ever happened the investigation into these hacks using tax exampt status as a church and driving in rolls royces and living in mansions? I never heard them being cut off from the tax exempt status so they must have paid off the goverment panel investigating them.
 Quoting: Jrock

if they are high budget tv preachers breaching mainstream networks and of enormous, ridiculous wealth, and preaching a self-centered prosperity message, they are illuminati/luciferian/satanic organizations backed by illuminati/luciferian/satanic funding sources/media. period.

look for the signs.
 Quoting: Salt

but Salt, WHY are you a fair weather Christian when you expose plausible anti-christ but then DELETE a thread that shows the Zionists fulfilling the Gog and Magog prophesies of today? Love you but want to know!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39608597

threads get deleted when GLP rules are broken.
i am in no way a fair-weather Christian.
i am a front-line soldier. don't you forget that.
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