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Message Subject Counterfeit Christianity. Christian TV Evangelists who have joined Illuminati ranks Then & Now. Look close and pay attention.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there is NO unknown prayer language between men and God. there is NO scriptural support for such unknown prayer language. there is NO scriptural support for a reason or need for an unknown prayer language.

tongues were human foreign KNOWN languages and dialects that were spoken commonly among very human peoples in real countries/cities/regions and were given to the disciples for the purpose of teaching the gospel of Christ and establishing churches all over the world.

period, end of sentence.
 Quoting: Salt

well I have to disagree, praying in the Spirit is an unknown language, one on One, the poster is right.
 Quoting: furPete'sSake

it is NOT an unknown language
it might be an unknown piece of information
about an unknown situation
but it is NEVER an unknown language
 Quoting: Salt

but you have no way of knowing that. Your relationship with God may not be similar to some other one's.
Paul himself referred to tongues of angels, and there is no reason to think that Heaven is limited to the language of the earth.
 Quoting: furPete'sSake

there might be an angelic tongue... that has nothing to do with God speaking to us. there will NEVER be a time when God has something to say to us and gives His divine message to us in jibberish mish mesh of syllables that require another person to try and divine the meaning.
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