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Message Subject Counterfeit Christianity. Christian TV Evangelists who have joined Illuminati ranks Then & Now. Look close and pay attention.
Poster Handle bigD111
Post Content
there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for God to give man jibberish and glosalalia to edify or prophecy for the church. God is not a god of confusion. There is no secret divine language that makes people babble incoherently.

pentacostal tongue babble is satanic and part of the deeply satanic pentacostal movement. period.

nothing like engaging in borderline hysterical babbling in order to open the gates wide for demons to harass.

when the disciples were given the gifts of tongues, it was the ability to speak in foreign languages for the purpose of teaching the gospels and establishing the church.

tongues has passed away as there is no need for them anymore.
that is not to say that God would not give the gift of the ability to speak in a foreign language suddenly and miraculously for the purpose of ministering to someone.

even the scriptures describe that when the men left the room with their new gift that the people outside could hear them speak in their own languages.

it was human language. period end of sentence.

Thread: All you need is FAITH, HOPE and LOVE to live pleasing to God. 7 times it's repeated. Prophecy, tongues & words of knowledge have passed away
 Quoting: Salt

I don't babble, sounds like language to me. How many languages have been spoken by mankind since the beginning? To me it sounds like an asian language.
 Quoting: bigD111

i'm telling you, that is NOT from God
if God is not speaking to you in a clear human language that you can easily and quickly understand than it is NOT from God

i know you've been taught to accept it and worse, that letting it go is a major sin. that is pentacostal lies from the pit of hell.
i'm telling you, repent and put it behind you
it is only preventing you from hearing God correctly
i'm sure He would like to simply have a normal conversation with you

drop the jibberish
it isnt necessary and only hinders the real communication God wants to have with you
 Quoting: Salt
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