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Message Subject Counterfeit Christianity. Christian TV Evangelists who have joined Illuminati ranks Then & Now. Look close and pay attention.
Poster Handle daughter in NYC
Post Content
We are living in a time when the simple truth just isn't good enough for people .........

Watch and pray , the great falling away approaches .........

The wise are in morning but the fool parties on........
 Quoting: GT500

the problem is, is this is what is taught in the counterfeit church. these people really believe that they need to accept this or they will burn in hell. they really can't grasp the divine simplicity of the sufficiency of God's word and of God to accomplish whatever it is He wants. they really think they have to practice these mumbo jumbo heebee jeebee things without any certainty or order to have God move in their lives.

When we get back to the simplicity and the sufficiency of what was already completed, we hear from God every minute of every day and there is no question, uncertainty, or hysteria involved.
 Quoting: Salt

Dear Sister,

I totally understand that satan has attempted to counterfeit and marginalize the TRUE gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Word warns of the anti-Christ spirit that is already working in the world today. I agree that it is prevalent in many aspects of the modern organized Church.

However, there is a remnant .....I would ask that we not look upon the Gifts as something passé or powerless. That would be denying the power of Jesus Christ.

Speaking in tongues does NOT a believer make....it is one of the many gifts given. That is the discretion of the Holy Spirit. This happened to me when I prayed to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit. This was my personal experience...no gimmicks or pride...this is merely how it manifested for me.

I can never deny the power of the Holy Spirit...in ANY form. However if love is absent, it all means nothing.

We are ALL the Body of Christ...but, He alone is the head.

There is so much more to unite than to divide. I hope this helps to explain my circumstance and my reality.

Most importantly, we are urged to look at the 'fruits' of the believer....but only God can look upon our hearts.

I have witnessed the awesome power of Christ and eagerly await His coming...

As I know we all do, thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind.....

God Bless Youhf
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