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Message Subject Counterfeit Christianity. Christian TV Evangelists who have joined Illuminati ranks Then & Now. Look close and pay attention.
Poster Handle Zedakah
Post Content
Since the path is thin and I/we cannot trust what a church says, so, what are the guidepost?
 Quoting: Ms Zippy

Please don't throw out the baby with the bath water!

There are many fine churches, and I am confident that God will lead you to the one He wants you to associate with.

But I would stay away from media evangelists, YouTube channel people, and most religious internet sites. There are also a number of churches that promote excitement and arousal so that people get hooked on church and never quite figure out how to follow Jesus.
 Quoting: Life and Love

An analogy….

You take a group of people to a shooting range, some of whom have never handled a gun before. You show them the target, then blindfold them. You then spin them around in a circle and tell them to shoot the target. You haven't helped them at all, but have seriously endangered everyone around you. Even if you are verbally describing where the target is, you are still hindering their success (at best).

The church (as a historical entity) has blindfolded the population of the world. They describe what the target is, but you must have their direction and guidance to hit it. They have endangered the population as a whole much worse than if they weren't there at all. Sin, by definition, is a shooting term. It means to miss the target. The target is the Word of God. How can you expect people to not sin if they have blindfolds on and are unable to see a target? How can the church expect people to understand Scriptures if they spoon feed them everything through your own rules and doctrines?

You have all you need in front of you in Scriptures. Now take off the blindfold and understand it.

P.S. Not every church is like this, but the "religion of church," and adherence to doctrines of men embodies this behavior.
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