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Anonymous Coward
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12/10/2013 06:44 PM
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Well it is now 100% fact obama lied to try and start ww3.
Mainstream media are now saying Obama and his pack of scumbags lied about the syrian gas attack. Pulitzer prize wining journalist Seymour Hersh broke the story.
This now opens a whole new can of maggots. If Obozo lied about the gas attack and it was the rebels [we already knew that] then it begs the question WHERE DID THEY GET THE CHEMICALS AND TRAINING ??. It is widely known that israel and the usa have been funding the rebel army. This now proves the usa was the real power behind the gas attacks useing the rebels via covert means. This is the very reason the russians threatened the usa and made them back down.
The reports that the russians threatened to attack the saudis now seems more logical. Hence the reason the usa backed down. We now have to ask ourselves, if the powers that be are responsible for 911, the oaklahoma bombing, Sandy hook, The syrian gas attack, etc etc. Then what is next. The fact the last 2 years has been full of false flags means that they are nearing their end game. The bankers are running out of time. They know fukushima cant be hidden for much longer and they know the world economy is fake and fucked. It appears they will make a final push within a few months. Fukushima fallout and debri is due to reach the west coast and the usa debt ceiling debate is due again in a few weeks. They surely must realize another large earthquake in japan and the fukushima plant will be a global release. And japas economy will collapse, then the world economy will collapse. They need a collapse att he time they choose,eg when they are ready. They cannot control
the natural events like earthquakes, yes they can create them but they can't stop natural ones. And they cant control china if they attack japan over the senkaku islands.
The die is cast they are out of time. THEY HAVE TO ACT SOON.
Enjoy this xmas people. THERE WONT BE ANOTHER.......

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