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Message Subject Uhoh! Quake/Ocean Meteor-hit/Tsunami may be Predicted by Famous Illuminati Artist! Update: Is it Yellowstone after all?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Have been checking the Forum for some kind
of "Unprecedented NEWS" which might go
along with some of the GLP threads that have
targeted 12-16-13 as some kind of "marker"
date...(Don't see anything significant as of
(11:00 A.M. EST)--but the day is YOUNG!

Did, however, HAVE THIS THOUGHT.

We've pretty much gone as far as we can go
with LINKING the Egyptian Khepra Scarab Beetle
with Pope Francis's new "Coat-of-Arms."

Since I have it pretty well targeted in my
own intuition that Pope Francis's choice of
a version of Egyptian Khepra as a "message"
...my thought is to REALLY LOOK AT & GRASP
what the incredible importance King Tutankamun
put on this Scarab Beetle Brooch (from which
the "Coat-of-Arms" design was taken!)
Check out the carving at the top:

Interesting that the "body" of the scarab
beetle at center of the artifact is made
from COMET GLASS from the Sahara desert!
This links this brooch with ISON or another
in-bound Comet Dec/Jan.

This carving is on the "orb" which is similar
in purpose and design as the Inca "Sun Disk"
the Inti-Punchaco. It's GREATLY IMPORTANT
since it sits ABOVE the Egyptian "Holy of
Holies"--the EYE of RA!! So, we should pay
close attention to what the carving is saying!

Look closely and see if you can figure out
what exactly the 2 "star beings" who are flanking
the Queen Neffititi (Tut's mother) with Tut over
her right shoulder. My take is that there is
a conversation going on about 2 solar systems
and some in-bound comet...but it may also refer
to a space vehicle under intelligent control!

In any case...12-16-13 does NOT have to be a
"non-event" if the meaning of some of these
artifacts can reach the general public. WE
obviously have been visited by E.T.'s and
these artifacts are pointing to a significant
"contact" event (if not warning of a natural
That's all I've got!

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