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Message Subject Uhoh! Quake/Ocean Meteor-hit/Tsunami may be Predicted by Famous Illuminati Artist! Update: Is it Yellowstone after all?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
EDITED: 12-16-13

First: This video gives the official Vatican
interpretation of the New "Coat-of-Arms" chosen
for his "totem" by Pope Francis. Just keep in
mind that these symbols are chosen VERY CAREFULLY
and are MULTI-LAYERED. (The video explains the
"lowest tier meaning for the public." What we
outline in this post is the MORE IMPORANT
background meanings of the SAME images--with
a possible message encoded within them!

[link to www.youtube.com]

Watch the video above, FIRST, before reviewing
these links to the ancient artifacts and histories
which the Pope's symbols ALSO MEAN!!

In our collective "brain-storming" effort to
decode the Pope's Coat-of-Arms and a possible message
regarding ISON and future "events" for "heads-up"
warnings, we have come across this "Sun Disk" of the
Inca (possibly in the hands of the VATICAN
SINCE 1550'S) AND which contains several
sacred shapes and symbols which have also been
incorporated into the Pope's "Coat-of-Arms"
design! Special THANK YOU to GLP's "TampaHeather"
for pointing us to this image in Settle4It's

In this image (thanks to Wayne Hershel and GLP's
"Settle4It" from [link to www.TheHiddenRecords.com)]
shows a couple specific symbols we can consider
for the pope's "global message" thru his Crest.

Called The "Inti-Punchaco" (or Inca Sun Disk)
it is considered probable that the Vatican has
been in possession of this artifact since the
mid 1550's when it was removed from the Inca
during Spain's many wars for Gold in the Americas.

The 3 symbols on the actual shield of the Pope's
Crest have been hidden behind their explanation
(see video above) that they stand for: "The Trinity"
(sun OF OUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM w/rays at top left of
the disk)...."The Virgin Mary" (Mother to Jesus
and represented by the STAR at top left of disk)....
and a bunch of grapes which they say represent
"Joseph" (human father to the diety Jesus.)


The possible candidates taken from the human
record from Egyptian, Sumerian and Incan/Mayan
artifacts would rather show these 3 symbols in
the Sun Disk (called: "Inti-Punchaco" or sun disk
in Incan language)and their actual meaning (according
to Wayne Hershel in his "The Hidden Records")

1. The Trinity/Sun w/rays (top center of the Pope's
Crest) translates to the "Sol Star" or
the Star of the Star/ANGEL-Visitors
(this is NOT our own sun but a sun of another
solar system the Vatican knows to exist!)
AND....according to the video (above) this sun/w
rays has been the JESUIT SYMBOL SINCE the 1500's
--the same time period in which the INCA
SUN DISK ("INTI-PUNCHACO or "sun-disk") was
Pillaged from the Spanish/Inca conquest in
the 1550s. It is said that the Vatican
actually holds ownership at present to this
artifact! So...Pope Francis would have had access
to it THIS YEAR in his many choices for his

2. The STAR translates to the single star at
top left of the Sun Disk is OUR SUN and also
(refers to the Mother Goddess Isis/Inca
Universal Mother--"Mother sun" giving Earth life!)
3. The "Bunch of Grapes" translates to the
THE PLEADES star cluster which also appears
in 12-16-13 alignment of the "2 Keys" (above
the crest) the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate
4. The 2 Keys represent STAR "PORTALS" which exist
as a specific point between 2 constellations,
one is called "Silver Gate" and the other is
called "Golden Gate"--THEY ARE NOT REFERENCES
TO DOOM, as some GLP threads are claiming. They
refer only to portals where "star-people" claim
they have entered and exited our galaxy. They
are, of course, "Holy" to the Vatican only as
locations in the sky.

Thanks to TampaHeather also in pointing out Wayne
Hershel's webpage...a wonderful read for anyone
interested in artifacts that are predictive and
explain human origins and destiny!
[link to www.TheHiddenRecords.com]

This is a wonderful "connect-the-dots" effort by
several GLP members & SK which I am happy to show you
here! The Pope's "Coat-of-Arms" is LOADED with
current and ancient symbolism--but WHAT IS IT SAYING?
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

It is pretty eye-opening and well worth considering
as you look into the strange place where a "Heads-
up" warning may be hidden by the Pope's "Coat-of-
Arms!" Don't miss the interesting difference between
the "official party line" on what the symbols mean
(see the video) and WHAT THE GLP BRAIN-STORMING
SESSION has come up with! Thanks to A.C. for his
original thread, to Settle4It for Wayne Hershel's
image, and to TampaHeather for being SO EXCITED
about this topic and pointing us to Herhel's
"The Hidden Records" webpage:
[link to www.TheHiddenRecords.com]
Pretty strange stuff!!
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