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Message Subject Uhoh! Quake/Ocean Meteor-hit/Tsunami may be Predicted by Famous Illuminati Artist! Update: Is it Yellowstone after all?
Poster Handle Tampa Heather
Post Content
Here's one for you SK...

Mabus is not the guy everyone thinks he is...It is Mandela...His S African Nick Name is Madiba...

What can you decode from this?

 Quoting: Settle4It

Most of that is pretty clear.
What some folks may not know, was back in
the day when Nostradamus/Bible prophesy
was written, measurements by people who
were rural,like farmers, were done by
the human hand. They still measure the
heigth of a horse by how many "hands"
from the hoof to the shoulder the horse
In this case the "100 hands" could be the
measurement of a tsunami. It's a variable
sort of measurement since everyone's hands
are different--but more or less you are
talking about an 80 foot tidal surge.

 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

As someone who grew up on a cattle ranch around horses I would completely agree with ^^THIS. my tallest Quarter horse was 17 hands so 100 hands wouldn't be describing the tsunami...but maybe the size of the debris or comet dust from ISON?

Just talking out loud here...but wanted ya'll to hear...lmao
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