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Message Subject Uhoh! Quake/Ocean Meteor-hit/Tsunami may be Predicted by Famous Illuminati Artist! Update: Is it Yellowstone after all?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content

[link to www.youtube.com]

This video blew-my-socks-off! It covers several
things we've been talking about in this thread
and our sister thread about the Pope's Crest
& a possible message/warning from the New pope!
1/2 way thru about the 4:00 min mark Wayne
Herschel discusses briefly the "winged disk"
(he doesn't tie in the "Khepra Goddess" but
she's the original winged disk, the Phoenix
and the Sumerian versions came later on.)

Is there going to be a Vatican Disclosure about
our "ORIGINS" and the link to E.T. by the
current Pope? His choice of symbols for his
"totem/Coat-of-Arms" sure seems to hint at this!
We'll see!
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

We stand a better chance of it being him than ANYone in a position of knowing in this country....and most likely many others. Especially since he's done such a wonderful job so far at pointing out, admitting to and calling for the honesty of others on the corruption among organized religion. (which for obvious reasons Alot of people are not happy about)
He seems to have little fear about speaking out and being honest....maybe he's working up to it.
I still think his calls for people to realise they are all equal, are because he KNOWS change is coming and he KNOWS we will need to be better people to work together for the common good of humanity and earth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 49996313

An announcement about the "E.T." connection to our
early origins--or whatever else the Vatican/Jesuits
know about these hidden things--would do more to
reconcile the world to the Catholic Church than
anything else they could do to apologize for past
"sins." Also, coming clean with some of the symbolism
in the church...even just starting with ONE CHAPEL
like the Cistine Chapel...and what they REALLY KNOW
about what the murals and paintings in the Vatican
really mean...would at least make people feel like
they aren't sitting up there thinking the masses
are children not worthy of knowledge.
But...maybe it is too late.
I really expect some astonishing things from the
new Pope. He really doesn't have any other choice
at this point!
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