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Mars rover and nano technology

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 39155434
12/14/2013 02:12 PM
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Mars rover and nano technology
Ok here is my 2 cents worth on a theory of mars rover... We can all agree that the govrnments are ahead of us scientifically by what, 30 years? 50? So if we are now hearing about things like self replicating nanos, then they have had this tehnology for awhile.
So that being said NASA sending the rover to mars may very well be armed with these self replicating nanos. Similar to the meteor that brought the bacteria to earth billions of years ago to create human life, the mars rover is a type of evolution starting event. Scientist are afraid that self replicationg nanos will replicate untill the earth is cover with a type of nano goo. (Grey goo theory) so they have decided to test this science on a foreign planet. .
The thing with science is nothing is exact and nanos that self replicate, are prone to the same evolutionary standards as any form of life. Like heat, light, etc. so thinking that. It is possible that replicating nano machines can become self evolving as well, so now we have a planet like mars not fall into a "grey goo" planet, but evolve into a world of nano machines that look to the mars rover as some sort of God or creator. Now suddenly WE are the aliens that conspiracy theorist nano machines conjure up.
Chew that up a while!