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Message Subject The illuminati's main ability is tracking who's reincarnating as who....
Poster Handle Dreamily Resonant VIP 2
Post Content

you know what im talking about.

the themes names of characters names of actors plot, hidden messages, etc, are all signs.
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP 2

because I view the world in terms of being a puppet master

i want to place people in the right roles
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Neptune in Capricorn
I was born for it
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP 2

ok Mr. Neptune in Capricorn

what role would you insert me into
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

top puppet.
you would get all da ladies and monies.
and I will make the tough decisions in the backround, through the entourage which I would assign to you.
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