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Message Subject The illuminati's main ability is tracking who's reincarnating as who....
Poster Handle Dreamily Resonant VIP 2
Post Content

this just boggles me... why would you take on the career of a puppet?!
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP 2

Because when the Puppeteer becomes the Puppet it becomes a Powerful Combination

The Pupper Master controlling from the front instead of the back

Hidden in plain sight
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

but if something goes wrong, the masses would know who to blame
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP 2

When you are in the 'inner circle' of the Illuminati and in a position of being the face man, you have the enlightened viewpoint to explain anything to the public in a way they will understand and accept
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

this used to be true.
but the minds of the masses are changing, they will demand more than explanations and a nice smile.
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