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Message Subject A Metaphysical and Spiritual Perspective Concerning The Outcome Of The Election.
Poster Handle gogeta
Post Content
"Back to the earthly realm, Gogeta....you are forgetting one, small but important fact...

We didn´t go in to Iraq with an altruistic premise of ´Nation Building´ nor to *liberate* the Iraqi citizens...we went based on the premise that Iraq qas a clear and direct threat to the US citizens and that Saddam had WMDs and a direct link to the *terrorist* attack on the WTC."

I never said we went in to Nation Build. My question is would those end results justify it. Could you find the good in that.

I know the reasons as well as anybody. My first cousin was one of the first ones over there, and one of my friends I have known since 1st grade is still over there.

I try to find any good that I can from situations.
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