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Message Subject Britney: "When you are ready, all will be shown to you" Garden of Eden - Dead Tree of Life - Britney Spears - Lady Gaga? - angels/demons
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content
I watched a few minutes of "I am Britney Jean". A behind the scenes of this. It was bizarre. She is a zombie. Puts no creative ideas or anything into it. Litetally a mindless slave. The huge tree is creepy and makes no sense for her normal show. I didnt watch these videos though.

Wanted to add i thought the "Britney Jean" naming is more linkage to marilyn monroe "norma jean". Just a thought.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35893336

Thanks for the comment - Yeah I head the first third of it - they acted like she had a say in things but it was so lame and obvious she does NOT!

The tree is like the tree of life and it looked dead! and she jumped off of it so what does that say for 2014??

Not sure??

Good connect with marilyn - norma jean- thanks! connected with gaga and gaga just played Marilyn at the AMA awards.

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