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Message Subject Obama Busted: Birth Cert Contains Words/Places That Did Not Exist In 1961! African American & Kenya
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's the kicker as I see it.

If I put myself in the position of the guy ordered to convince the world that I'd scanned some sort of a real birth certificate for Bork Obunga, the very last thing I'd ever do is post some six or seven part pdf file on the internet. I'd anticipate my own mother and grandmother calling me a lying SOB... The ONLY thing I'd ever post would be some pure bitmap image, either a bmp or tif image.

Moreover, any technically competent person that the Bork (Obunga) admin were to give that assignment to would have known that; you have to assume that whoever did that scan and post had to be a near computer illiterate.

Then you ask yourself why a near computer illiterate would have drawn that assignment, and the answer is not difficult. When Attila the Hun died, the Huns killed every member of the burial detail which had buried him so that his grave would never be found.
When Genghis Khan died, same thing, to this day nobody has any clue as to where either Attila or Genghis Khan might be buried.

There are some assignments which nobody wants despite any glory which might be attached to them, simply because no amount of money would compensate for the occupational hazards attached to them and being the only person on Earth to know what exactly had been posted on the internet for the benefit of Bork Obunga's continued general recognition as a "natural born US citizen(TM)" is one of them.

My guess is that either Bork himself or some member of his immediate family posted that pdf file.
 Quoting: Icebear

It is also like when the Pharaoh died in Egypt... All the priests, servants, and slaves were murdered and entombed.

Everyone involved with obama's fake photo-shopped birth certificate, that might make a peep about it, is being killed off.

If anyone else is connected with all of the fraud, they better find a way to speak up, or they will be 'fuddyied' and murdered.

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