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Message Subject Video - Obama says "my father served in WWII" - Impossible - Father would have been 3-to-9 years old in WII
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Obama: He single-handedly fought and won both world wars. He freed six billion Jews and six-hundred-and-sixty-six quadrillion slaves after he beat the shit out of Hitler and Jefferson Davis, respectively, with his bare fists. He would have won the Vietnam and Korean wars for America except "the racists were holding him back." He gave you the global economy and he can take it away. He's more baddass than Chuck fucking Norris. Even the Great Leader Kim Il Sung bows before Obama. Lights burst forth from his heavenly halo when he walks on water. He can turn water into wine or grass-clippings into pungent marijuana just by touching them. Rainbows of faggotry flow in healing waves from the master's aura. He heals by his very presence; this is the esoteric meaning of "Obamacare." No medical care will be needed, that's why the Obamacare website is a clusterfuk. Obama will heal you by the radience of his very presence. Install his face on all alters and and put an Obamachip in your forehead. Disagree and you are a racist and will be put in the FEMA camps. True story bro.
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