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Subject Hillary Clinton As The View Co-Host - One of the Girls - Surprises BFF Barbara Walters Last Day / "DAWN of NEW ERA" Most Fascinating Person
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content
B walters surprised by hillary - last day of 50 yr career:


B. Walters declares "OUR" choice for the #1 most fascinating person of 2013 and of the past 20 years!

Hillary threw O under the bus by complaining about current policies and against high unemployment.

How did I miss this?? - I found another thread but it did not cover much.

Just a regular girl - loves her movies and pets...

She has been prepped and groomed, as I have been saying... but for WHAT?

I am thinking not 2016 - but an international post, and sooner. She had 2013 off from a public job that is.

I think they are propping her up for something soon!

If she runs in 2016 it will be all about looking back to the good old days of the 90s economy and the clinton economy...

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