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Message Subject Hillary Clinton As The View Co-Host - One of the Girls - Surprises BFF Barbara Walters Last Day / "DAWN of NEW ERA" Most Fascinating Person
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
She has no qualifications.
She enables her filthy perverted husband to assault innocent women. Girls as young as his own daughter. She ignores womens issues unless they fit her narrative, women in the middle east being brutally disfigured for the sake of a pathetic so called religion STONE silence.. Hillary and her band of merry lesbians only find outrage when it suits their needs.
she was caught lying in the Water Gate era.fired from the prosecution, she lied about Rose Law firm papers. Now we won't even get into the fact every country had their embassys in Libya closed called their people home but ours, this cow left our people there and 6 weeks prior to the assault she called home 16 Marines....

MY GOD if this woman gets even considered for president I give up... Americans would be considered the most ignorant gullible morons on the planet. All those brave young soldiers for 220 years fighting and dying for this great nation all so some untrustworthy power hungry lying piece of white trash is made president. Unbelievable anyone would even consider supporting this woman!~

Listen to one of the parents of one of the brave soldiers who went to rescue our people in Benghanzi died being brave. The father said she greeted the coffins, came to the familys with a fake sympathy which was clearly fake.. swore investigations would reveal what happened she would be in contact a year later still nada nothing no one word from barry or billary!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 982522

being in power is her only interest.
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