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Message Subject OBAMA To Wage War On The Sovereign Citizen Movement As It Is Growing! Ron Paul Says The Movement Is Getting A Bad Rap Due To Propaganda.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think it might be one of many reasons... not purely the Sovereign Movement...

Is safe to assume that whoever profits from these drone/surveillance contracts will have some sort of connection with private prisons.

A Sovereign is just as profitable as a guy dealing weed... if anything it might be less profitable, depending on the Sovereign's knowledge it could prove to be the opposite.

IMO is more against any new Occupy movements that might arise, any militias that might form or any other type of organised resistance against them... sovereigns for the most part keep themselves to themselves but those out there trying to spread the word will certainly be on the watch list...

"Our drone detected your car went 1mph over the speed limit!"
"What's that, no licensee/papers?"
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