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Subject I am Andrew...Hybrid Alien
Poster Handle Andrew Ian Murphy
Post Content
Someone recently asked me what kind of a hybrid I was...
they also asked if I had any past life memories...
They also said I left a lot out of my book...

I think I am a grey hybrid.

I do have two pst life memories.

What I left out of my book is just some very basic background information that people want to know when they read my story.
My background is very simple, I was born on July 17 1970 or so they say, in the city of Glendale California. I grew up in a house located at 2727 Manning avenue in Los Angeles. I went to West Los Angeles college and transfered to Cal state Northridge where I graduated with a bachelors of Science degree in Business administration, with an option in Accounting...I...I what? I lived a weird, but essentially normal life until '99...what can I tell you?

I need to get some beer now...
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