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Dangerous Bankruptcy Advice from Sovereign Citizen!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 53181829
United States
01/23/2014 03:00 AM
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Dangerous Bankruptcy Advice from Sovereign Citizen!!!
Recently, I am working on filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy because I have been unemployed for some time. I currently attend the paralegal program at the community college and live with my parents. I hope this posting would warn people out there about dangerous legal advice given by sovereign citizens, and freemen. I am not claiming that all advice giving by them are bad in anyway. I just want people to use their head and not swallow any pie given by them. I realize are attorneys out there that are giving bad legal advice. Not all attorneys give bad legal advice. So it is important to do your research and get second opinion to iron out bad advice in some situation.

I told the sovereign citizen about my bankruptcy case. I told him that several banks send my credit card debt over to law firms to collect my debt. Then the sovereign citizens gave me legal advice on this issue.

He tried to influence me to write a letter to the law firm telling that they have no contract with me so I am not bound to pay off the debt.
Then he wanted me to accuse the law firm, and banks in bankruptcy court of monetizing my debt over some secret attorney conspiracy over the Bankruptcy of 1933 in the public laws.

His conspiracy is that the law firm or the banks are monetizing my debt over the bankruptcy of 1933 through my Strawman. I cannot prove the law firms or the banks are monetizing the debt using the Bankruptcy of 1933. I donít care about them monetizing my debt because it is none of my business. The law gave me remedy for this debt problem so why do I care. This is an unproven conspiracy theory.

I refuse to follow his instruction. If I piss the bankruptcy judge off, he can find something to deny my bankruptcy. It is fanatical thinking to think that the bankruptcy judge and the US Trustee will grant me a bankruptcy based on pissing them off.

Why should I piss the bankruptcy judge or the US Trustee off? They didnít hurt me.

Many sovereigns and freeman think these people are evil because they are attorneys. They are not all evil. The bankruptcy judge 8 years ago discharged my debt when I filed pro-se. He also gave me a 30 days extension because I was not aware of the pre-discharge counseling requirement.

Why do I have to go the hard route and get my ass into more trouble? I choose the easy route to take care my legal problems. Freemen and sovereigns citizens need to respect my decisions because I know how to make legal judgments for myself.

I donít need to worry what goes on behind the scenes because it is not my dam business. It doesnít not affecting me. They need to make a living too so I donít have any problem if this conspiracy is happening. As long as it is not affecting me and they giving me what I want, I donít give a d*mm.

The sovereign citizen got angry that I am not getting his fanatical advice. I donít want to talk to him again because I donít need to get my ass into hot water for following his dangerous legal advice. It is not worth it. This did not just happen once. This happens several times throughout my lifetime on several other court cases that not related to this one. Every time they got angry at me for not following their fanatical legal advice. This was not from one sovereign citizen but several of them.

You have to scan out about fanatical advice. Telling you to go the hard route for liberty is not always the right way. Fighting for liberty to have freedom in your private lives is worth it. It is not worth it to fight for something the public don't support or removing reasonable regulation for certain activities. As long as they are not banning you but regulating some dangerous activities, there should be no problem.

Being a sovereign is not about fanatic behavior or not following reasonable regulation. It is about the freedom to live your life according to your will as long as you don't hurt anyone without government prohibition. It doesn't mean that you can do dangerous activities without regulation. There is a time and a place for everything.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 50634784
United States
01/23/2014 06:46 AM
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Re: Dangerous Bankruptcy Advice from Sovereign Citizen!!!
Curious how did GM default on the bond holders as they technically owned the company at disolution.....because they make it up as they go along....and you SIGN off on it.

He is saying you can't repay a debt with anything other than lawful money which is nowhere to be found...so you are agreeing to restructure your old debt and assign to NEW creditors with YOUR permission...

not everything he is saying is false...it is hard to execute....because once in court you play by their rules....YOU requested bankruptcy hearing so YOU abide by their rules....outside of court you still have some control.