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Message Subject Total Financial News, Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Markets..
Poster Handle 4thhorseman
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RT @RT_com · 59 seg

Argentina faces debt default but won’t “submit to extortion” by US vulture fund [link to on.rt.com]

 Quoting: Luisport

Good for her but, how in the hell does the US have the right to seize Argentina property not in the states?????
It says in the article that the US might be seizing there property including military assets that are all over the world..
 Quoting: 4thhorseman

I liked this guys response to the article.. He's right on..

Jeff Ryan 18.06.2014 01:20

The US Gov originally represented the common person. Now the US Gov represents the Federal Reserve Bank - a profit organization. I believe our leadership of the US Gov over the last 95 years or more has corrupted the original US Constitution, prior to 1871 and on the gold standard. I believe the US Gov is only following the orders of the Federal Reserve Bank and only wishes to build its own power and pyramid of US Gov for itself and has completely forgotten its people. With all this said, I believe Argentina owes the US nothing, simply because of how corrupt the leadership has become of the US Gov.
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