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WHAT DOES SEPT 11 MEAN TO YOU...Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Rear View (nli)
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United States
06/09/2006 06:37 PM
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WHAT DOES SEPT 11 MEAN TO YOU...Coincidence or Conspiracy?
"...And to drive this point home, I offer the following historical time-series analysis of the symbolism of the date chosen for the attacks, and you tell me if being familiar with our own History is necessary to identifying the root-cause of the critical events which shape all of our lives:

September 11th, 1922:

The League of Nations signed a post-Balfour declaration regarding the Future creation of a Zionist state; noting that Zionism is a political movement derived out of the infamous Dreyfus Affair. The same group responsible for this declaration, eventually created the Council on Foreign Relations, thus one of the many connections to Dulles in relation to 9-11. To this day, the Council on Foreign Relations has influence over all of our political, media, and economic variables.

September 11th, 1941:

Ground was broken on the Pentagon- noting that it was destroyed exactly 60 years to the day later.

September 11th, 1971:

Construction began on both the North and South Tower- that same day, Nikita Khrushchev died, and there was also the famous at Attica Prison, in New York. Noting that the Twin Towers were destroyed 30 years to the day after their birth.

September 11th, 1973:

After Kissinger’s Operation Condor set the scene, the CIA sponsored one of many coups, specifically wherein Augusto Pinochet used planes and missiles to overthrow democratically elected Salvadore Allende in Chile…

September 11th, 1991:

The Infamous GHWB New World Order Speech, 11 years to the day before 9-11

September 11th, 1995:

Reports surface of a remote controlled plane that was crashed into the White House.

September 11th, 1998:

Kenneth Starr, nephew of AIG founder C.V. Starr, sends his infamous report on Bill Clinton to Congress… and I would also note that both Hilary and Bill Clinton were involved the Mena, Arkansas drug smuggling operation, for over a decade prior to their Presidency, but Starr didn’t report on that, did he?

September 11th, 2005:

The State of Israel declares an end to their occupation of the Gaza Strip, also relating back to the September 11th 1922 root cause event. All of these events are Council on Foreign Relations activities… so who runs the CFR? That’s an interesting question, and the answers are not best explained in this forum… but regardless, they’re not necessary for one to start taking meaningful action.


Note: The afore noted snip-et was extracted from a piece written by an insider explaining among other things that the only conspiracy floating around about 9-11 is precisely this:


Corporations, Money Changers, and BushCo caused these and other similar events mostly to enrich themselves, hide the money trail, and kill, maim, murder and engage in massive sex slave trades including snuff films of their populations and citizens for their own amusement. In hindsight, maybe David Icke has it right, mostly.
Rear View (nli) (OP)
User ID: 61990
United States
06/09/2006 06:44 PM
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Re: WHAT DOES SEPT 11 MEAN TO YOU...Coincidence or Conspiracy?
Make no mistake, behind all of the smoke and mirrors of 9-11, there are people responsible who are more likely to be wearing a three piece suit and walking down Wall Street – than a hiding with a fellow shemagh-shrouded Taliban cave dweller outside of Khandahar…

Unless you can explain how the Taliban infiltrated the secure vaults under the World Trade Center and stole hundreds of billions in bouillon, why the owners of that Bullion are keeping quiet, or how they got NORAD to conveniently schedule 6 simultaneous drills the same morning they were paying homage to the birthdays of their target buildings.

In fact, those truly responsible are associated with commercial companies and government & private intelligence entities which, in many cases, are openly traded on the stock market, and deeply associated with the rogue administration which seized power of our Country in the 2000 Selection.

And sadly, we’re more likely to see Barry Bonds on trial for perjury before those responsible for deceiving the American People during one of the most critical times in our short History.


NOTE: more snip-ets from the article