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Combined disaters card Super Bowl and Sochi Olympic Games False Flag ?

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02/01/2014 05:48 PM
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Combined disaters card Super Bowl and Sochi Olympic Games False Flag ?
Calculate duration between two dates

9/11/2001 to 2/2/2014 = 4527 days = 12 years 4 months 22 days

2/2/2014 ---> 12 4 22

Super Bowl Blackout 2013 at 13,22 3rd quarter then 1,38 and 1 quarter to finish

"Combined disasters" card and the Waco Tower at Tokyo

on the clock, we see 11 and 2 ---> 2/2

Superbowl starts at 6.30 pm EST but in Tokyo will be 8.30 am

6+3=9 8+3=11 9/11

Attacks on the WTC took place between 8.46 am and 9.03 am tuesday

So will be played one quarter and 1.38 and ...

"Combined disasters" card and the Waco Tower at Tokyo
on the clock, we see 11 and 2

Second disaster at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2/11/2014 tuesday

2/2 and 2/11 number 4

Henry Cornelius Agrippa - Occult Philosophy

The Pythagorians call the Number of four Tetractis, and prefer it before all the vertues of Numbers, because it is the foundation, and root of all other numbers; whence also all foundations, as well in artificiall things, as naturall, and divine, are four square, as we shall shew afterwards: and it signifies solidity, which also is demonstrated by a four square figure. For the number four is the first four square plain, which consists of two proportions, whereof the first is of one to two, the latter of two to four, and it proceeds by a double procession and proportion, viz. of one to one, and of two to two, beginning at a unity, and ending at a quaternity: which proportions differ in this, that according to Arithmatick [arithematic], they are unequall to one the other: but according to Geometry are equall. Therefore a four square is ascribed to God the Father, and also contains the mysterie [mystery] of the whole Trinity: for by its single proportion, viz. by the first of one to one, the unity of the paternall substance is signified, from which proceeds one Son, equall to him; by the next procession, also simple, viz. of two to two, is signified by the second procession the Holy Ghost from both, that the Son be equall to the Father by the first procession; and the Holy Ghost be equall to both by the second procession. Hence that superexcellent, and great name of the divine Trinity of God is written with four letters, viz. Yod, He, and Vau; He, where it is the aspiration He, signifies the proceeding of the spirit from both: for He being duplicated, terminates both syllables, and the whole name, but is pronounced Jova, as some will, whence that Jovis of the heathen, which the Ancients did picture with four ears, whence the number four is the fountain, and head of the whole divinity. And the Pythagorians [Pythagoreans] call it the perpetuall fountain of nature: for there are four degrees in the Scale of nature, viz. to be, to live, to be sensible, to understand. There are four motions in nature, viz. ascendent, descendent, going forward, circular. There are four Corners in the heaven, viz. rising, falling, the midle [middle] of the heaven, and the bottome of it. There are four Elements under Heaven, viz. Fire, Aire, Water, and Earth; according to these there are four triplicities in Heaven: There are four first qualities under the Heaven, viz. Cold, Heat, Driness [dryness], and Moystness [moistness], from these are the four Humours, Blood, Flegm [phlegm], Choller [choler], Melancholy. Also the year is divided into four parts, which are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; also the wind is divided into Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern. There are also four rivers of Paradise, and so many infernall. Also the number four makes up all knowledge: first it fills up every simple progress of numbers with four termes, viz. with one, two, three, and four, constituting the number ten.

[link to www.esotericarchives.com]


and what we see

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