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Message Subject OMINOUS SOCHI!- OMINOUS Ukraine!- Malaysia Air?! Trident - Horse - American Ring! Prepare/STRIKE!-WARNING from Illuminati - 2nd plane - Maserati
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content
Yes, and I have it on dvr. Gonna need a week to have it all settle. I commented briefly on this thread: Thread: Terror Warnings and 22s in Sochi. Sochi & Debt Ceiling, Sports & Money! Two things the world love most. Combined Disasters? Start of WW3? (Page 3)

One thing is for sure, we are ON IT!! Everything we have discussed here has been affirmed, in the ceremony, commercials, almost anywhere you look!
 Quoting: rachel3108

I asked BDE this:

wow - hmm who knows

the point is all of the connects! right? will things keep somehow connecting for decades or do you think we are really close to the end???

One day I am thinking- this is it - the next week I am thinking who knows as the snowball keeps getting larger, slowly ...

What do you think???

I am not sure!!
 Quoting: oh_hi9876

All we have to know is the (snow)ball (fire/ice - LOL!) is rolling and the bigger it gets the bigger the relief/revelation is going to be. Our knowledge and illumination from these events/signs, i.e. Going through the signs consciously, neutralizes the ourside forces' fear-based agenda and brings in the sacred knowledge that is our heritage and destiny.
 Quoting: rachel3108

wow - very deep thanks! hf
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