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Message Subject Shape Shifting UFO!!! You have to see this footage UNDENIABLE PROOF!
Poster Handle Face Palmer
Post Content
This video is several years old and debunked. Yes, the youtube date is 2014, but its a re-upload. Sorry OP.
 Quoting: Face Palmer

wheres the debunk??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26261417

Use search. You can do it!!
 Quoting: Face Palmer

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26615489

Well you ufotards dig up all kind of shit, reposting year old vids. Why not try to do some research just once on your own?

Oh wait, the fact that I'm not willing to waste any more time on this idiotic thread, covering a 3 year old video and shoveling all the evidence and thread up your asses makes me a shill and proves the video is legit.

Here, this thread might be of utmost importance to you and OP:
Thread: Hope for humanity restored: Scientists Grow Human Brain From Stem Cells!
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