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That was so funny I forgot to laugh! What happened to Pee Wee?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44785
United States
06/11/2006 05:16 PM
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That was so funny I forgot to laugh! What happened to Pee Wee?
I really miss that guy.

A reminder:

Because of his behavior, CBS dropped the Playhouse and related merchandise was released from its shelves. He agreed to pay a $50 fine plus $85 in court costs to Sarasota County, and he produced a 30 second public service message for the Partnership For Drug-Free America commercial. As part of the deal, the county sealed all legal papers relating to the actor's arrest and didn't leave Reubens with a criminal record. The scandal marked the virtual death of Pee-Wee Herman. Reubens appeared as his favorite character for the last time at that Autumn's MTV Music Video Awards. He bounded onto the stage before a standing ovation and asked, "Heard any good jokes lately?" in reference to being the butt of many current punchlines. "What was that one? Oh, that was so funny I forgot to laugh!" The enthusiastic reception was not surprising, as he had received 15 thousand supportive letters during his arrest. Regardless, he had recently made a promise not to play Pee-Wee anymore and used his arrest as an chance to portray other roles.